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Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Information Request

If your company is performing a phase 1 environmental site assessment on a specific property and you'd like to request that the Health Department check our records related to an information search, please follow these steps.

How to submit a requestMen at a construction site reviewing plans
What to include
More infromation
How to submit a request

Submit your written request on your company’s letterhead by mail to:
Environmental Health and Safety
Northern Kentucky Health Department
610 Medical Village Drive
Edgewood, KY 41017
Submit your written request on your company's letterhead by fax to 859.578.7871

What to include
Specify in your letter the property’s:

State that this is regarding an Environmental Site Assessment. If you know of specific existing documents that may be in our files that you would like to request copies of, please submit a Request to Inspect Public Records form as well.  Include your contact information in case our office has any questions regarding your request.
Please be advised that the Health Department does not have a system by which a general file search can be accomplished for a given property and surrounding area concerning potential environmental problem conditions.
The more specific your request is, the more accurate the records search can be for the property involved. The Health Department only maintains records for programs under our jurisdiction, and many records are only maintained for a limited time period depending on form and type.
The Health Department will make no environmental inspection of the referenced property as a specific result of your request and, therefore, will make no guarantee, implied or otherwise, as to the current level of compliance with any applicable federal, state or local laws and/or regulations governing said property, past or present
Based on your request, the Health Department will return a standard response form to you indicating the result of our records search and any additional steps that may be recommended to you.
More information
Please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 859.341.4151 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday with any questions you may have