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Extreme cold and several inches of snow are creating dangerous weather conditions in Northern Kentucky. Learn how to prevent hypothermia and other winter safety tipsMore info graphic

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Any building can have a high level of radon, so it is important to test for it. Testing is easy and inexpensive. The Health Department has a limited number of free radon test kits available for residents of Boone, Campbell, Grant and Kenton Counties. More Info

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Kentucky House passes statewide, smoke-free law
On February 13, the Kentucky House of Representatives took steps to protect the health of all Kentuckians with the passage of a statewide, smoke-free law.  There is support for smoke-free laws, both locally and statewide. A poll conducted by the Health Department in the summer of 2014 found that 65 percent of Northern Kentuckians support a smoke-free law. Further, the Kentucky Health Issues Poll shows that nearly seven in ten Kentuckians favor a smoke-free law. More info button

Health Centers continue to exceed immunization goals
Immunizations are one of the most effective public health tools, and it is an area in which the Health Department excels: A recent audit found that 95 percent or more of children seen at the Health Department’s county health centers had received all of their recommended immunizations.  More info button

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